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Friday, 13 July 2018

7 Unusual But Must Visit Summer Destinations in India

India is no-doubt a great place to visit as it is so diverse in terms of land-scapic beauty, culture and tradition, it has got so much to offer. Northern part of India is already famous for attracting international tourists but Indian scenic beauty is not just limited to northern part, you just need to visit India to see all of it for yourself .

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Here, are some of the unusual places India that are less-visited but is of great adventure and fun.

Have a look!


Indian north-eastern are just serene, the mountainous region with rivers, waterfalls, lakes, remnants of rulers, monasteries and hamlets are enough to catch anybody’s eyes and make him get lost in the lap of profound beauty of nature. Pelling, situated in a small north-eastern state of India-Sikkim, is a great escape for summer season.
Visit this place to explore the best of it. The closest airport to this place is Bagdogra Airport (145 km away in Darjeeling) and nearest railway station to Pelling is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station which is 140 km away from Pelling and Kolkata is the major nearest city which is about 700 km away from here. 


Cherrapunji is known for its heavy rainfall, hence this place is unusual but a must visit to have a thrilling experience. Situated in Meghalaya, this place receives the second highest rainfall in India after Mawsynram. Natural Double-Decker Root bridge, Seven Sisters and Nohkalikai waterfalls, Mawsmai Cave (Limestone cave famous for fossil attraction) are the major attractions here.

 So, this places is surely the best escape for the summer season yet unusual. This beautiful place is always covered with dense clouds, mist and sudden surprises full of rain.
If you are one of those people who enjoys rains then he should surely visit this place. Beautiful waterfalls, rivers, cold water springs are the major attraction of this place. Shillong airport is the closest to Cherrapunji or if you want to pick railway station then Guwahati railways are the nearest.

Malshej Ghat:-

Moving on to west, Malsej Ghat is an awesome place with mulberry orchards, grassfields, rugged ruins, Malshej Ghats is a total must-visit place and its picturesque landscapes are breathtaking. This place is also really famous adventurous sports like for trekking and the trekking trails are Ajoba Fort, Shivneri Fort and Harishchandragad Fort. Also, you can visit Pimpalagaon Joga Dam for watching out the variety of birds.
The nearest airport to this place is Pune airport and Kalyan Railway Station is the nearest railway station.


Matheran is a small town in Maharashtra which is known for the banning of passage of motor vehicles. This pretty town is carpeted with green grass till the horizon. Also, this place is a summer escape for a day or two. It is famous for its natural picturesque sceneries which is a perfect get away for summers.
This place is very close to the film-city Mumbai hence the nearest airport is also Mumbai International Airport and the nearest railway junction Matheran Hill Railways.


Situated in Assam, this place is also famous with the name “Cradle of Assam”. If you are not yet intrigued by the north-eastern beauty Of India then you are surely going to love this place because this is world’s largest river island.

It is located on the river bank of Brahmaputra river which in itself is the largest river in India.

One can never go wrong for choosing Majuli as you summer destination. You can also visit Dakhinpat Satra & Kamalabaru Satra which elaborates culture, art, literature & music in Majuli.

The nearest airport is Rowriah airport and Jorhat Town is the nearest railway station


Tawang hill-station is in Assam and is one of the beautiful destination in the unexplored North-Easten India. The landscapic view of Tawang valley is  covered with great rocky mountains is just so profound place for escaping from our daily technical lives.

There is set of seventeenth century’s Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries are always a source of attraction for the tourists. It is another lesser visited summer destination in India.

Nuranang Waterfall and Tawang War Memorial is also famous for catching eyes of international tourists.

One can reach here via rails and roads trails and the international tourits can reach here via Salonibari Airport, near to Tezpur railway station.


A picturesque and small hill-station, Mukteshwar has breathtaking and serene natural view. The pleasant weather here which keeps attracting the tourists all throughout the year.

This place is no-doubt one of the best summer destination in India. This place lies in the lap of Himalayas offers adventurous sports camping, paragliding, trekking & hiking trails to the highest range in India.

Kathgodam railway station is the nearest rail junction to this place. And Pantnagar airport is close to this place.

Mentioned above is the list of unusual but must visit destination in India. If you find this post helpful and want to explore India more, then don’t wait up...check out the last minute flight deals and visit India just now.

Description: India is a vast country with so much to explore and know about. If you are the one who is thinking to visit India then now is time just check the last minute flight deals and get ready for fun ride.


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