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Saturday, 10 October 2015

5 Techniques To Safely Get Links In 2015 | Link Building for 2015 | SEO Link Building Strategy: Link Building Guides and Tips in 2015

Best SEO techniques for link building in 2015:

Here are some really cool tips for those of you who do not know anything about link building. Now link building is a very important component of SEO and this will actually give your website plenty of visibility on the internet. Every single link from other websites to the website that you own can be seen. The more number of links that you have on your website you can be assured to enjoy a lot of popularity.

However you must take notice of the kind of websites that are being linked to your website and these links are also known as back links. A back link can be very useful in improving the rankings of your website. These back links are also referred to as inbound links and search engines like them. If you add links from unknown websites it may seem irrelevant and will tarnish the image of your website in the long run.

Some of the factors to take care of while promoting your website:

· Pay attention to the design of the website

· Take note of the number of back links

· You must also pay attention to the Quality of the links

Now you must also pay attention to the links that your competitors are using. Once you are able to get all this information you will have a much better chance of gaining visibility on the various search engines. A cluster or collection of these links on your websites is known as link building. There may be chances that you are using links that are out dated and it would be a good idea to change them. There will be no need to buy links or submit any links to an automated directory. Though these directories are very easy to use sometimes they are labeled as no follow. Once this label is assigned it is a signal for the various search engines that this website is not worth trusting. So you see how important it is to update the links on a regular basis.

1. Putting together valuable content

Well it is no secret that creating back links is very important but it is also equally important to create valuable content. You should include content that the users are interested in reading. You obviously do not want to be penalized for putting up content that does not mean anything to your customers or audience.

2. Try to use anchor texts that have keywords in them

Anchor text is the visible text and it is the text that can be clicked on. This text also provides a description of what you may be linking with and it does not merely display the website address. The words that you use as the description are the keywords.

3. Going social is the best way

You should not waste your valuable time by posting links on communities and blogs or forums as most of the times these links will be labeled as no follow. Being very active on a social media is a good thing and can help you in your strategy to build links. Try to have a good conversation around the service or a product that will help you to link your website. The search engines will actually notice all of these activities and will add value to them.

4. Using various SEO tools to locate links that have high value

You can try using tools such as MOZ and Majestic SEO to evaluate the new websites and the various authors who will give you various links. These tools are very useful in evaluating the various inbound links and you can even compare them to the various competitors that are present in the market. The good thing about these tools is that they can help you identify the websites that will help you build even more links in the future.

5. The importance of link building 

If you are into business for a long time, now you have to take notice of the fact that search engine plays a vital part in increasing the traffic on your website. Link building is a process through which business create links to improve the visibility of the website and increase its popularity.

Latest SEO Tips: How Does My Website Get High Search Engine Visibility

Online advertising and marketing is here in a big way, and it is definitely here to stay. In order to enhance online visibility on the internet, anyone wishing to target a large audience, be it the writer of a blog or ecommerce sites, is opting for ways to ensure that their page stays among the top results thrown up by a search engine. While there are many ways to get this done, the most common remain, usage of proper keywords and tags, sharing on social media and of course, via Search Engine Optimization Services.

Putting things into perspective, just because a particular page is at the top of the many thousands of results provided by a search engine may not be because it is the best service or has the most relevant content. It simply points to the fact that the page was written by people knowing the intricacies of search engine optimization inside and out. However, for the general user, short of time and inclination to go trawling through page after page of similar looking results, it is the first few entries that gets his/her attention.

Enhancing the visibility of your page:

Your average Joe has just about as much information regarding Search Engine Optimization as a fish has about climbing a tree. It is you, the writer/entrepreneur/business-owner/website-designer who has to understand how this process actually works. To start with, one has to know the difference between SEO and things like content creation, website visibility, and online media and where they all fit in to create the ideal online search experience for the end user.

If you don’t really get the idea, fret not. This article is here to help you get a clear understanding of the facts.

What is SEO based on?

Irrespective of the nature of the content of a website, using search engine optimization as and when required indeed goes a long way in increasing the presence of your weblog or online store. If you are unable to do it yourself, there are a number of agencies specializing in SEO who will do the needful for you to ensure your website remains at the top of the charts. It’s an important requirement to verify the credentials of the agency before entrusting them with the job. There are several unscrupulous agencies that are rip-offs and hardly add any extra visibility. If it is possible, get in touch with other people who have had their websites optimized for search engines by the same agency and look up reviews of their service online. To put it very simply, search engine optimization works by tweaking certain settings that result enhanced ranking of the particular site. This makes it visible to a greater number of users searching for related topics on a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. 

How effective is SEO?

Any argument is incomplete without statistics to prove the point so here are a few numbers that should give you a fair idea about the importance of SEO.

  • 90% of hits on a particular web page begin from a result shown by the search engine, as opposed to less than 10% from direct navigation to the site.
  • 83% of users surveyed said that they most commonly avoid the advertisements and focus on the so-called ‘organic’ results instead.
  • Now process this. A whopping 94% of the users surveyed said that they hardly ever look beyond the first result page, and 60% felt that if it wasn’t in the top 10 links it probably didn’t exist.
  • Search engines provide the highest amount of online traffic to websites and are 3 times more effective than social media.
Content creators take advantage of these benefits provided by SEO to design and layout their web content in such a way as to ensure top visibility and retain that spot. Most users prefer links that contain the words or phrases that they searched for and tend to ignore ones that don’t, which is why one should see that the site description gives a brief yet clear statement about the content it leads to. After all, the success of a website is directly linked to its organization and the kind of user experience it provides, and not just what it contains.




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55 http://wantedwants.com

High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015 | Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015

High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015:



Pinterest.com 9
Reddit.com 8
Stumbleupon.com 8
citeulike.org 8
Delicious.com 8
connotea.org 8
scoop.it 7
fark.com 7
bibsonomy.org 7
newsvine.com 7
Digg.com 7
slashdot.org 7
Technorati.com 7
diigo.com 7
google.com/bookmarks 7
jumptags.com 7
plurk.com 7
linkarena.com 7
squidoo.com 6
folkd.com 6
metafilter.com 6
blinklist.com 6
current.com 6
ideaoverten.com 6
ubermedia.com 6
dzone.com 6
icio.de 6
wikio.com 6
marketingland.com 6
svejo.net 6
jeteye.com 5
netvouz.com 5
bizsugar.com 5
pusha.se 5
designbump.com 5
twicsy.com 5
br.wwwhatsnew.com 5
kirtsy.com 5
blogmarks.net 5
faves.com 5
Kirtsy.com 5
blinklist.com 5
hite.me 5
smallbusinessbrief.com 5
blogmemes.net 4
ShoutWire.com 4
ClipClip.com 4
a1-webmarks.com 4
plugim.com 4
fwisp.com/ 4
ilinking.org 4
spletarna.net 4
blogospherenews.com 4
myhq.com 4
wirefan.com 4
ezyspot.com 4
qqpipi.com 4
linkatopia.com 4
lintas.me 4
givealink.org 4
colivia.de 4
Akonter.com 2